Tobias McCurry’s Spring Heeled Studios

SHS’ mission:

  • to create one of a kind pieces of art to help enhance the experiences of others

  • to Impart knowledge to those interested in creating themselves

  • To have a good time doing it.

What We've Achieved

  • Debuted on GSN's Steampunk'd, a nationally networked TV show showcasing prominent Steampunk makers from around the United States.

  • Creation of Medals and Pins for Muse Games' Guns of Icarus for attendees at PAX West 2017.

  • Creation of a trophy for Armor Games Studios’ “Never Give Up” for PAX West 2018

  • Collaboration and creation of unique prop weapons for Epic Team Adventures' Maze of Games themed Escape Room.

  • SHS is the first officially licensed maker for Imagine Nation Collective's IPs, including Dystopia Rising.

  • We continue to travel across the country to various Steampunk, Comic-Con, and LARP events to participate in events and equip their patrons with both awesome props and practical knowledge!

  • We provide props for LARPs across the country, dedicating ourselves to furthering the immersion of interactive events.

  • We’ve paired up with Zak Labs to provide open Cosplay Workshops wherein local community members can come to the Zaklabs studio and learn how to create their own pieces!