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Long Bio

Tobias McCurry, founder of Spring Heeled Studios LLC, is a maker, costumer, and performer out of Seattle, WA. He is known primarily for his participation in the show Steampunk'd on GSN, and for his Steampunk creations such as his "Spring-Heeled Jack" outfit. His most notable works involve his unique take on costuming, wherein he strives to integrate special effects knowledge and real world practicality into outfits, props, and other endeavors.

Coming from a strong background of theatre and performance involving anything from breathing fire to sword fighting, Tobias has made himself the jack of all trades of event production. Utilizing his knowledge of the performing arts, he has expanded to platforms such as Live Action Roleplaying (LARP), independent film/commercials, and is producing conventions as well!

Participating in LARP across the US for over a decade, he has become strong advocate for its creative and mental benefits as a performing art for nerds. Tobias has engaged in genres such as Medieval Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Steampunk and more while encompassing aspects such as character development, production value, interpersonal communication and artistic growth.

Overall, Tobias seeks to make fantasy a reality, and isn't afraid to use the tools the world provides to make it happen. From leather work and foam smithing to fiery gadgets and stilt walking, there's a way to make the unthinkable attainable. Always.

Short Bio

Tobias McCurry, founder of Spring Heeled Studios, is a prop maker, entertainer, and event producer based in Seattle who is infamously known for his works on the TV show Steampunk'd. Tobias works in a myriad of genres ranging from Steampunk to Post-Apocalyptic, creating immersive works involving costuming, prop weapons and more!